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Date Key points / Actions
2017 March (AGM) Minutes here
April  Applied for specialist support on masterplanning and village character assessment. Also applied for grant for printing and room hire costs.
May  Commissioned local designer to crate leaflets and drafted a village survey.
June Received confirmation of technical support and grant funding. Finalised leaflet and survey – to be circulated when grant funding received. Confirmation Groundwork in Denham can no longer hold our grant for us. Search for new grant holder began.
July Held first Community Masterplanning session with 6 other local community groups and consultants AECOM. Carried our research on green spaces and local business.
August Agreed to establish a Community Interest Company (CIC) so we can hold our own grant after failing to find a local charity to hold administer it for us.
September Second Community Masterplanning session. Applied  to Companies House to form CIC. Commissioned local photographer to record local historic sites.
October Confirmation of Established the Ickenham Neighbourhood Forum CIC to enable to access our grant. Draft Community Masterplan consultation launched.
November Met with consultants to discuss emerging village character study. Letter of objection sent to Council about the Master Brewer application.
December Village Festive evening event in Coopers Estate Agents – signed up 9 new Forum members, handed out leaflets and discussed local priorities and emerging community masterplan for Hillingdon Circus. Village survey also luanched.
 January 2018   Neighbourhood Plan leaflets circulated thoughout Ickenham.
 February  Meeting with land owners and community groups to discuss community masterplan for Hillingdon Circus.
 March Analysis of 200+ village survey responses. Expenditure receipts for the year:171229 Home Guard reciept171206 pens and pies reciept171206 leaflets invoice       180125 Leaflet delivery invoice
 April  AGM date confirmed: 25 April, 7.30 at the Swakeleys Home Guard Club – behind the Village Hall

Further back:

Following on from discussions at the Festive Evening in December 2015 and a widely publicised Village Meeting in March 2016, it was decided to apply to the Council for permission to write a neighourhood plan for Ickenham.

A first draft of the application (a joint area\forum application) was discussed at a meeting on  14 April  in the St Giles Church Hall and an interim committee was also formed and it was agreed to bid for grant funding and to administer the grant money ourselves, rather ask the Council to administer in on our behalf. After further discussion and edits, the application was approved by the committee and submitted to the Council in May. Following a meeting with council officers in July, the applications was were updated to include extra information about the rationale for the area proposal.

The neighbourhood plan stall at the Ickenham Festival Gala day on 18 July 2016 was popular and a further 50 Forum members were signed up, taking the total to 150.

In August our first sub-group meeting was held to discuss how were’re going to engage local people to gather ideas and evidence the ‘green spaces’ topic. We also spent some of the grant we’d been allocated on maps and room hire. After realising that holding our own grant would require us to be ‘incorporated’, we asked around and local charity Groundwork kindly agreed to administer our grant for us.

In September 2016 the Council finished checked the applications, and started the six week public consultation on them, which closed on Wednesday 2 November. Details of the consultation, the responses and LBH officer recommendations can be found in the papers for the 15 December LBH Cabinet meeting, when the application for Forum and Area was formally approved: http://modgov.hillingdon.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=115&MId=2611

Forum committee members had a couple of tables in the Village Hall for the 2016 Festive Evening – well over 200 people stopped to look at our enormous laminated map of Ickenham and talk about the future of the village and the neighbourhood plan. About 30 more Forum members signed up too!

Our first AGM took place in March 2017, when a expanded committee was elected and a decision was taken to apply to Government for professional support to carry our a character appraisal of the area and also undertake a Masterplanning exercise for the two development sites near Hillingdon station.


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