(Updated May ’17)

Following on from discussions at the Festive Evening in December 2015 and a widely publicised Village Meeting in March it was decided to apply to the Council for permission to write a neighourhood plan for Ickenham.

A first draft of the application was discussed at a meeting on  14 April  in the St Giles Church Hall and an interim committee was also formed. After further discussion and edits, the application was approved by the committee and submitted to the Council in May. Following a meeting with council officers in July, the applications was were updated to include extra information about the rationale for the area proposal.

The neighbourhood plan stall at the Ickenham Festival Gala day on 18 July was popular and a further 50 Forum members were signed up, taking the total to 150.

In August our first sub-group meeting was held to discuss how were’re going to engage local people to gather ideas and evidence the ‘green spaces’ topic. Further sessions will follow on  heritage, building design and local business.

In September the Council finished checked the applications, and started the six week public consultation on them, which closed on Wednesday 2 November 2016. Details of the consultation, the responses and LBH officer recommendations can be found in the papers for the 15 December LBH Cabinet meeting, when the application for Forum and Area was formally approved: http://modgov.hillingdon.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=115&MId=2611

Forum committee members had a couple of tables in the Village Hall for the 2016 Festive Evening – well over 200 people stopped to look at our enormous laminated map of Ickenham and talk about the future of the village and the neighbourhood plan. About 30 more Forum members signed up too!

Our first AGM took place in March, when a expanded committee was elected and a decision was taken to apply to Government for professional support to carry our a character appraisal of the area and also undertake a Masterplanning exercise for the two development sites near Hillingdon station. In May we received confirmation that our applications for technical support had been successful. We have also been awarded a second grant to fund printing and room hire costs.

The Forum will now work throughout the summer with as many local people and groups as possible, including the local Council, to write a positive and constructive plan to shape the development of Ickenham over the next 10-15 years. The Ickenham Plan will only ‘come into force’ following consultation, a detailed examination and a successful local referendum.

To find out more of get involved, email: ickenhamplan@hotmail.com or comment on the Facebook Group or the  NEW TWITTER ACCOUNT.




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