Hillingdon Circus update

Following two great community masterplanning workshops attended by several local Residents’ Associations and further informal consultation, our architects have produced a final version of our community masterplan for the Hillingdon Circus development sites.

Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 10.56.12 PM

We want development that will offer multiple benefits for the existing community, and a sensible level and mix of housing, including houses and flats. The plans can be downloaded here:

191101 Ickenham Summary Report_FINAL LORISE


Please bear in mind:

  • the community masterplan must be broadly in line with the Council’s ambitions for the area (a residential-led mixed-use development). The Masterplan will be included as a part of the Ickenham Neighbourhood Plan, which is due to undergo formal public consultation soon.
  • After the Neighbourhood Plan has gone through consultation, examination and referendum, it will become part of the development plan for the area and be used as the starting point for deciding future planning applications.