2017 Forum AGM minutes

Ickenham Neighbourhood Forum AGM, Minutes

7.30pm, Thursday 2 March 2017, Ickenham Village Hall

 Attendees: 22 Forum Members

Apologies: 6 other Forum Members sent their apologies

 1) Quick Neighbourhood Plan progress update

Chris Mountain (Forum Chair) gave a summary of progress since the February 2016 Village meeting, when it was decided to take forward a neighbourhood plan for the village.  Key milestones included:

  • agreeing the Forum Constitution and application and the Area Application (May),
  • Submitting the Forum and Area applications to the Council for consideration (July),
  • Neighbourhood plan stall at the Ickenham Festival Gala day (July)
  • Council public consultation on our applications, including a public exhibition (Sept\October)
  • Council designated our Forum\Area (December).
  • the aim is to get our post-consultation draft neighbourhood plan submitted to the Council by the end of 2017, with the mandatory local referendum held around 2018 Festival week.

2) Finance update

Grant allocation (held by Goundwork South in Denham) Amount (to be spent by 31/3/17) Any leftover will be returned to Govt. Amount spent so far:
Room hire £200 £198 (4 bookings)

£24 (Festive Evening)

Refreshments for workshops £100 £14.03 refreshments for Bake Off – we still have most of the tea\coffee
Big laminated maps £250 £192 for 4 A0 laminated maps
Leaflets and pop up banners £275 0
Bags for life (printed with logos) £500 0
Total £1,325 £428.03


The intention is to spend the remaining grant by the end of the financial year, and share the end of year report with members once it has been approved by the grant provider. Any underspend will be returned.

It was confirmed that we are not expecting there to be any costs to villagers for developing the neighbourhood plan. Financial support is available from central Government for costs of room hire, refreshments, leaflet printing, etc. Specialist planning support is also available. It was agreed that further support should be explored (see item 5). It was also mentioned that our Council (London Borough of Hillingdon) have a legal duty to provide us with (non-financial) support, and have been very positive so far.

 3) Review of Forum constitution

No changes were required.

4) Election of Forum committee

Exiting Committee members Andy Moreton, Richard Jones, Grace Eminton, Chris Mountain, Jill Dalton and Simon Bowles were nominated to continue to as committee members. Sarah and Ros stood down from the committee. Gavin Roberts, Joanne Hudson and Joan Waters offered to join the committee and were nominated. All those nominated were then elected as new committee members.

5) Forward look

It was agreed that the committee would explore options for obtaining specialist support on two specific issues, in response to local feedback:

– The architectural character of Ickenham, with a view to developing policies to preserve and enhance the character of the area through neighbourhood planning polices.

-Masterplanning and/or design support to give local people more of a say through neighbourhood plan polices on the development sites at Hillingdon Circus.

I was also agreed that a ‘call for sites’ exercise would be launched as an informal opportunity for landowners and developers to propose sites within Ickenham for development. This exercise will not in itself decide whether a site would be allocated for development by the neighbourhood plan, nor will it commit the proposer(s) to applying for planning permission. The site suggestions received will be used to guide and inform the preparation of site allocations in the Neighbourhood Plan, should the Forum decide to include any.

6) AOB

– how to best engage the 12,500 residents of Ickenham

– HS2 traffic and developments

– Availability of HS2 compensation for the wider community

– individual houses being replaced with multiple flats

– working with other local groups, including residents associations, schools, Scouts, Brownies and local people with relevant professional skills: lawyers, councillors, planning officers, historians, etc.

– consultation arrangements (a six week consultation period would be held before the draft plan is submitted to the Council, before examination and local referendum.

– Next committee meeting arranged for Thursday 16th March.  Agenda will include an ‘Aims & Objectives’ leaflet to inform the residents on what the process and vision is for the plan.